D.Morris Design specialise in CAD services to produce both 2D drawings and 3D visualisation for all of our design projects.

We also offer CAD as a stand-alone service. This is ideal for other businesses and professionals with limited capability or capacity. It is also perfect for Home owners who just need some help to draught and visualise their designs.

What is CAD (Computer-Aided Design)?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) refers to the use of computer software to create 2D drawings and digital 3D models of designs.

Firstly, 2D drawings are used to show layouts, elevations, and construction detail used for planning applications and building work. We can then use 3D CAD for visualising designs by creating digital 3D models and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

Why do I need CAD Services?

2D drawings are the basis for all construction and manufacturing projects. They show exactly what needs to be produced in terms of parts, assembly, and materials, as well as all the required dimensions.

3D CAD helps to create, modify, analyse and optimise designs by making it easier to visualise them before they have been built. We can show anything from retail shops and kitchen extensions, to bespoke furniture and lighting designs.

3D Visualisation is crucial for supporting planning applications and to help make decisions on design details, materials and finishes. Getting this visual feedback early on in the design process can help to reduce the risk of costly delays during the build process.

It can also be used for marketing property developments and new builds, eliminating the need for costly property staging. This saves both time and money, and allows properties to be marketed really effectively before they have even been built.

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