We worked with a property developer to design a ground floor extension and mansard roof conversion for a family home in North London. Our services included full architectural design and planning application, detail and construction drawing pack, interior specification, and tender process management.

The focus for this home was to improve the layout and increase available space by extending into the courtyard and onto the roof. Clever natural light solution such as light-wells were used to ensure optimal quality of life by bringing natural light into the space. The mansard roof extension also provided an opportunity to gain additional usable outside space, and 3D models were used to assess it’s impact on surrounding properties in terms of shadow and view.

Progress: Planning approved and construction commencing in the New Year – completion Spring 2019

  • Georgian Bathroom 3D render - interior 3d modelling and rendering
  • Living Room Extension with Lightwell
  • Living room extension 3D modelling and rendering