We worked with a property developer to design a ground floor extension and mansard roof conversion. The property was a large but overlooked family home in North London with fantastic potential. Our services included full architectural design, planning application, detail and construction drawing pack, interior specification, and tender process management.

The focus for this home was to improve the layout and increase available space. We achieved this by extending into the courtyard and designing a mansard roof conversion. However due to it’s position, a lot of windows would be lost to a two storey courtyard extension. In order to maintain a good amount of natural light, we designed a light-well through both storeys. It serves both the ground floor living room as it’s only source of natural light, and the second storey kitchen extension. The mansard roof was also a really exciting opportunity to keep some valuable outdoor space and add an extra bedroom.

We made an exterior 3D digital model of the home to check it’s impact on surrounding houses by doing a solar path analysis. Consequently this helped us see if the rear and mansard roof extensions blocked too much natural light for their neighbours. Interior 3D visuals also help us to see what the space is like inside and how well the light-well works.

  • Picture shows a living room extension with bright lightwell with exposed white bricks running all the way up. There is a grey two seater sofa under the lightwell and large dark blue bookshelf taking up the wall opposite the sofa. Black metal lanterns hand down in the lightwell and there is a large framed picture of abstract colourful flowers on the wall.
  • There is a large grey l-shaped sofa in the middle of the picture with colourful geometric cushions. The walls of the living room are a dark teal colour and have large framed artwork on the walls. A colourful rug is positioned in the middle of the room underneath a glass and wood coffee table with a house plant and candles on top. A black lamp and large houseplant frames the left hand side of the picture.
  • bright and colourful living room extension with lightwell for natural light on the right hand side. geometric patterned cushions and compliment the dark teal walls and navy bookshelf. There is a large l-shaped sofa at the back of the main living room space and two seater sofa under the lightwell.
  • Small kitchen with a row of cupboards in front and on the right painted dark blue. They have a marble worktop and white metro tiles on the walls. There is a rectangular window above the cupboards in the middle of the picture above a double butler sink and wooden shelf. The window looks out on to a lightwell with white painted bricks. There are house plants to the lef tof the sink and on the shelf below the window.
  • Dark blue kitchen with white marble counter top and white glass fronted wall cupboards. Natural wood shelving and window into lightwell above double butler sink on the left hand side and rectangular mirror reflecting the light opposite on the right hand wall.
  • Bathroom with black and grey tiled floor, dark blue panelling, white tiles around a roll top bath and shower, and chandelier
  • Solar path analysis of a mansard roof conversion for a family home in London.
  • Sectional technical construction drawings of a dormer roof conversion
  • 2D CAd drawing of the outside of a family home with a mansard roof conversion in London to support planning application