3D visualisation for architectural residential design - showing a loft conversion. The design was for a family home in London, and was required for the planning application.

D.Morris Design pride ourselves in taking great care in the design of residential Homes and spaces. The most important thing is clear communication to make sure we fully understand our client’s needs and ideas. We also like to focus on designing spaces that enhance quality of life. They should have a good connection with the outdoors and also have a layout that flows and works with the lives of the Home Owners.

As well as concept designs and construction detail, we offer 2D CAD draughting and 3D Visualisation services. They are both crucial to Architectural Design helping to explain our designs and enhance the design process.

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) can be produced to visualise spaces before they have been built. They are used for client proposals, planning applications, and marketing. We also build full digital 3D models of new homes so that you can “walk-through” the spaces and see finishes and furniture layouts.

Find out more about the 2D CAD draughting and 3D Visualisation services we offer by following the links below:

2D CAD Draughting.

3D Visualisation.

We work on projects in the West Midlands including Malvern, Worcester, Birmingham, and Cheltenham as well as London and Surrey. The digital nature of our work means we are not limited to those locations, and we are always happy to travel.

Get in touch with our friendly team using our contact page to discuss your project and get advice on the best service for you. You can also check out some of our recent Residential design projects below.

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