Living room extension for family home in london. lightwell bring natural light with exposed brick wall painted white to draw the eye up. Dark teal walls create a bright and warm living room space contrasting with the lighter area. geometric patterns bring it all together with a dark blue book case and orange pedant light. Reccessed ceiling creates drama and opportunity for different levels of lighting.

D.Morris Design use CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) for interior 3D visualisation of architectural and design projects. It enables anything from kitchen extensions and loft conversions, to restaurants, offices and bespoke furniture to be “built” on the computer in 3D. By adding materials and lighting, we can then generate a photo-realistic image by “rendering” the whole scene.

CGI is a fantastic tool for seeing what spaces will look like before they have been built. For example, feedback on architectural and interior design elements can be given early on the design process. This means that subsequent changes will cost much less than during the build phase.

It can also be used for marketing purposes to show that a project is tangible and of a high standard. As a result, this can help get potential clients, investors, and buyers on board with a project.

Prices for Interior 3D Visualisation start at £220 and depend on the size and complexity of the property; amount of bespoke furniture and fixtures; instruction of materials, finishes and lighting; and the number of views required.

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To see some examples of our computer-generated imagery or to get inspiration for your project, please have a scroll through the album below. You can also see examples of our recent projects here.

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