Living room extension for family home in london. lightwell bring natural light with exposed brick wall painted white to draw the eye up. Dark teal walls create a bright and warm living room space contrasting with the lighter area. geometric patterns bring it all together with a dark blue book case and orange pedant light. Reccessed ceiling creates drama and opportunity for different levels of lighting.
Interior 3D Visualisation of a living room extension and light-well design.

D.Morris Design use CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) for interior 3D visualisation of architectural and design projects. It enables anything from kitchen extensions and loft conversions, to restaurants, offices and bespoke furniture to be “built” on the computer in 3D. By adding materials and lighting, we can then generate a photo-realistic image by “rendering” the whole scene.

CGI is a fantastic tool for seeing what spaces will look like before they have been built. For example, feedback on architectural and interior design elements can be given early on in the design process. This means that subsequent changes can be implemented far more cost-effectively than during the build process.

It can also be used for marketing purposes to show that a project is tangible and of a high standard. As a result, this can help get potential clients, investors, and buyers on board with a project.

Prices for Interior 3D Visualisation depend on the size and complexity of the property; amount of bespoke furniture and fixtures; instruction of materials, finishes and lighting; and the number of views required. If you would like more information, to chat through your project, or get advice on the right service for you, please get in touch now by using our contacts page.

To see some examples of our computer-generated imagery or to get inspiration for your project, please have a scroll through the album below. You can also see our recent projects here.

  • Bathroom with black and grey tiled floor, dark blue panelling, white tiles around a roll top bath and shower, and chandelier
  • interior 3d visualisation of commercial architecture and retail design of a concession space in harvey nichols manchester for luxury watch repairs. It has a till and repair booth with charred accoya cladding and grey corian worktop. There are Grid display boxed with watches and a lightbox behind the till with a list of services.
  • Interior 3D visualisation of a commercial design of a retail concession space in harvey nichols. It shows a shopper browsing a display wall with pictures of watch makers and displays of second hand watches. There is a bespoke till fixture in the left of the picture with charred accoya cladding and corian worktop.
  • Interior 3D visualisation for the residential design of a living room extension. It has a bright light-well with exposed white bricks running all the way up and feature pendant lights. There is a grey two seater sofa under the lightwell and large dark blue bookshelf taking up the wall opposite the sofa. Black metal lanterns hang down in the lightwell and there is a large framed picture of abstract colourful flowers on the wall.
  • Interior 3D visualisation of a living room extension, using computer-generated imagery. There is a large grey l-shaped sofa in the middle of the picture with colourful geometric cushions. The walls of the living room are a dark teal colour and have large framed artwork on the walls. A colourful rug is positioned in the middle of the room underneath a glass and wood coffee table with a house plant and candles on top. A black lamp and large houseplant frames the left hand side of the picture. The extended area with clever light-well is just visible on the right hand side.
  • bright and colourful living room extension with lightwell for natural light on the right hand side. geometric patterned cushions and compliment the dark teal walls and navy bookshelf. There is a large l-shaped sofa at the back of the main living room space and two seater sofa under the lightwell.
  • Interior 3D visualisation using computer-generated imagery (CGI) of a small first floor kitchen extension. The kitchen has dark blue cupboards, marble worktop and white metro tiles. There is a rectangular window above the cupboards in the middle of the picture, above a double butler sink and wooden shelf. The window looks out on to a light-well with white painted bricks. There are house plants to the left of the sink and on the shelf below the window.
  • Interior 3D Visualisation of a kitchen extension with dark blue kitchen units. It also has white marble counter top and white glass fronted wall cupboards. There is a natural wood shelf and window looking into light-well above a double butler sink on the left hand side. A rectangular mirror on the left hand wall is opposite the window and helps reflect more light into the space and makes it feel bigger.
  • Dark blue, grey and teal loft conversion with en-suite. Large full length patio doors lead to Juliette balcony
  • loft conversion with en-suite, skylights for maximising natural light and built in wardrobe
  • Interior 3d visualisation (computer-generated imagery CGI) of a kitchen extension with exposed brick wall and white kitchen units. The image looks across the wooden dining table to a secluded courtyard and study beyond. A large white orchid sits on the table in the middle of the picture, and there is an exposed brick wall behind the table and a large painting just visible on the right hand side of the image.
  • Interior 3D Visualisation using computer-generated imaging (CGI) of a kitchen extension. It looks down the wood table through a large window to secluded courtyard. There is also an exposed brick wall behind the table and feature pendant lighting above.
  • Interior 3D visualisation of a rear and side kitchen extension. There is a white orchid in the middle of a large wooden table. it has white chairs and grey bench which grey cushions. The rear wall behind the table is exposed brick with up and down lights. there are two dark grey pendant lights hanging over the table, and a wood floor.
  • Willow green walls with neutral coloured carpet and patio doors leading out to a secluded courtyard.
  • black and white geometric tiles floor with white toilet and sink, and dark blue and grey units.
  • Interior 3D visualisation of a office refurbishment showing a grey, teal, and white office. There are white desks and exposed industrial air-con pipes with a dark grey ceiling.
  • Interior 3D visualisaiton of the commercial design of an office reception. It has a large white desk in the middle of the room and polished concrete floor. There is also a living wall behind the desk with dedicated integrated lighting, and a bespoke lighting pendant above the desk.
  • 3D floor plan of a commercial design - a new retail concession space in Harvey Nichols, Manchester. It has a till and repair booth area with charred accoya cladding, accent pendant lighting and watch displays.
  • 3D Floor Plan - Loft Conversion with en-suite and built in wardrobe
  • 2.5D floor plan of a loft conversion with ensuite. The bedroom has built in wardrobes, wooden chest of drawers and bedside table, and a glass banister. The en-suite features a lovely blue geometric tile and large rectangular shower tray.
  • 3D floor plan CGI of a rear and side kitchen extension with secluded courtyard. The exposed brick wall runs from the outside through the kitchen extension helping to connect the indoors with the outdoors.
  • 2.5D floor plan of a rear and side kitchen extension with secluded courtyard, bi fold doors, garden and reception rooms.