Bungalow conversion with paved driveway, covered porch and dormer roof extensions

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) is used for exterior 3D visualisation of architectural design projects before they have been built. They are made by “building” a 3D scene on the computer then adding materials and lighting. We can then generate a photo-realistic image by “rendering” (processing) the scene using special software.

Computer-generated imagery is a great way of improving the design process. It is also critical for planning applications and marketing new builds. As well as individual scenes, an entire home or building can also be made on the computer in 3D. These models can then be used for walk-throughs and VR (Virtual Reality) experiences of proposed designs.

D.Morris Design provide a huge range of clients with a variety of different exterior 3D visualisation services. From bungalow conversions to sea-front marriage proposals and pub gardens, we can help bring your design to life.

Prices for Exterior 3D Visualisation starts at £275 and depends on the size and complexity of the property; surrounding landscaping; instruction of materials and lighting; and the number of views required.

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