3D Floor Plan - ground floor family home

A 3D floor plan is a rendered 3D model of an entire floor or room and is an excellent imaging strategy for Architectural Design and Marketing. They can be used to show the layout of a building or room, helping clients appreciate the design and feel more invested in the project from the start. They are particularly useful to communicate a proposed design for new builds and structural alterations.

3D floor plans can also be used as an excellent marketing tool to show the design of a building from a perspective that is difficult using conventional 2D CAD drafting and interior 3D modelling tools. It can show how all the rooms connect and flow together, and can give a much clearer idea of the layout of fixtures and furniture. This can help improve stakeholder buy-in and sales of new and existing homes.

Prices for 3D Floor Plans start at £160 and depend on the size and complexity of the building; provision of the required floor plan in CAD or .pdf format; and the amount of furniture and finishes required. Please get in touch to discuss your project and get an accurate quote.

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