Light and colour help us visually define our 3D environment through shadow, and can work harmoniously to improve our health and well being. As designers we often work within conceptual space – i.e. it might not have been built yet – but we are expected to understand what that space will be like, and design a complimentary and enhancing layout and decor.

We can use technology such as CAD and 3D rendering to see what our designs might (or should!) look like, but it can be easy to forget about our other senses. Textures add not only visual interest but can also make you physically interact with the environment around you.

My very favorite spaces are those that draw you in visually and then connect you further with a tactile experience – helping you to literally feel as well as see the space you are in. Like rubbing your socks around a poured resin floor, feeling cold and smooth granite and tracing the veins of smoke-like colour, or poking your finger tips into the knots of a wooden kitchen table (cup stains and all!).

Textures mood board

Spaces should draw you in and make you want to interact with them. They should make you feel great, bring people closer together, and provide stimulation and interest to satisfy some of our natural curiosity as Human beings.

Let us know your favorite texture and what it does for you in the comments below!

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